Weekly analysis

To analyze the markets is one of the most common things every trades does. Analysis routine is one of the key points to trade succesfully.

It is not important to predict 100% correctly the future moves. It is all about creating an idea of what could the market do in the upcomming week or month.  The regular analysis will show you, what should you expect in the future. Or where you should put your profit-targets or stop-losses.

Creating some possible scenarios would increase your win ratio, or make your winning and loosing trades more efficient.

Weekly analysis: my crutch

My own regular analysis is based on weekly interval. I make analysis every weekend, right before the markets open.

The reason of it is, that I want to be ready right in the mornig, just before I start trading. It is too late to do the analysis while the markets are open.

For the purpose of my blog I have created a TradingView account, where I will share my weekly analysis.

To get started, my very first analysis is the DAX index analysis. I use the Oanda datafeed, where the night data is not included.

My analysis is based on simple Support and Resistance price levels, Trendlines and price patterns. I will explain particular situations in following weekly analysis posts.

Included links: 

My TradingView profile

Oanda datafeed