Trade of the week


Another weekly post topic is the trade of the week.

I will share one or two trades I made last week, which I consider are some way interesting.

I won’t post every single trade I made, some of them are not relevant and are based on my own oppinion.

For the purpose of this blog, I want to share specific trades, which are based on strict rules, which I will explain in following posts.

Also I will enclose some commentary about the trade to explain, what is interesting about the specific trade.

So for the beginning, the first trade of the week I made on my favourite market DAX. Fast moves and good readability of DAX creates plenty of attractive opportunities, to make some money.

This one was intended to close the gap from Tuesday. I was waiting for good possibility to enter the market, also with some rational size of stop-loss.

The resultĀ fulfilled my expectations, even though the prime target wasn’t hit. Rest of the informations about the trade are visible on the picture.

(The red thick line is the prime stop-loss placement.)