My story

Hello traders!

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Hardman and I am an individual, full time Forex trader. My experience with Forex trading reach almost 7 years. I went through a lot of troubles in my trading career. But also a lot of good moments, especially last two years. Because of my experience based knowledge, I am now alive from trading income. The experiences and knowledge are the main reason why I started writing this HardmanTrading blog. You can read more in About section.

My journey in forex trading starts in 2012, when I first started to think about an online business, that I can do from anywhere I want. It took me a few days to think up, which way should I go to reach this “simple” goal.

There were several options, like becoming a software developer, copywriter or even customer service assistant. All these jobs have several common attributes.

First, all you need is laptop and internet connection, so you can be anywhere in the world and still have a job. Second, If you are good in what you are doing, you can earn enough for good living.

But, is that the freedom I was looking for?

After that I heard for the first time about Forex trading. Some said how easy it is, just click and earn money instantly. Another said, that I should choose some different business, that Forex is not as easy.

Anyway now I can say, that trading is that kind of business, that you can learn by yourself. It’s not necessary to be “supersmart” or to come from rich family. It’s only hard work and hard studying. So where is the truth?

With this confusion I sat behind my computer and started to read and discover, what is this business about. I have learned almost immediately the basics about trading. But when I wanted to move my progress a bit further, I got stuck.

There are many reasons, why I got stuck. The internet is full of advices, lectors, mentors and analysts, who knows everything about currency markets. But everyone of them says something different and at the end, the only thing you get, is dilemma.

I have paid a lot of money for courses and books about trading, but only a few of them were worth it. I will tell you, which one of them totally worth it and which not, in the upcoming articles.

The progress…

My progress began, when I focused my mind into understanding the nature of markets. I took a few training courses on topic of Market Structure, Pure Price Action and similar ones.

I have learned the reasons, why they move upwards and downwards, who stands behind the moves… And how to get valuable information from the moves. And of course use these information to make money.

I came up with idea, that keeping things simple is the most powerful way to trade successfully for a long time. If I can keep my analysis, entries into and exits from the market as simple as possible, then it is only a numbers game. Like more trades with higher win ratio brings me more money. Or higher volume with stable win ratio brings me also more money.

And after that, if I want to get higher advantage on the markets, I can start adding all these tools from the internet, which are too confusing at the beginning.

It took a lot of time and a lot of loss trades…

…to reach the point I am in right now. I have tried tons of strategies and systems, dozens of indicators and expert advisors. But only a few of them worked. That’s why I decided to share my experiences with you.

Now I can tell what is really working or what is worth to spend money for.

Nowadays, I am trading on the basis of naked price action (pure price chart). And sometimes supporting with simple indicators or scripts.

Pure price chart gives me more information than lot of people think it could give me. In fact, trading on the basis of clean price chart is more effective, than watching dozens of different indicators and other colorful things. These mostly disturb your concentration.

Talking about Price Action, my next article will deal with this topic.

The results of my trading business are quite good. The income is high enough to live peacefully almost anywhere in the world. My work session duration takes only a few hours per week, so I have a lot of free time too.

This is why I love trading

These main points are the reason, why I love trading so much and why you should love it too. There are some examples of my latest trades.

Forex trading DAX CFD trades. Hardman Trading

DAX short trades, based on simple Price Action analysis.

These two trades were made on DAX index, which is my favorite market. Fast and aggressive market, literally made for daytrading.

You can see that I trade mostly in the morning, usually the first 2 hours of the session. And it seems it’s enough to find a few good opportunities almost every day. It’s 5 minute time-frame, so the duration is only a few tens of minutes…

Forex trading AUD/CAD short trade. Hardman Trading

AUD/CAD Hourly timeframe, short trade, based on simple Price Action analysis.

Another example of a good trade, this time on forex market AUD/CAD. Overnight trade, made on hourly time-frame with higher stop-loss and also very positive result. The slippage has occurred thanks to economic events, which were published a few seconds before the target was hit.

Dealing with stop-losses

Of course I do not have only wonderful profit trades. Loss trades are part of trading business and all traders have to accept this fact. Once you accept the fact, that trading consists not only of profit trades, your mindset will be ready to make the progress.

On the equity curve below you can see the nice profitable stage. But also the loosing stage, which I must accept and patiently wait for the profitable ones.

Forex trading equity curve - Hardman Trading

Latest equity curve of my real trading account.

In the following articles, I am going to share more information about my trading. But mainly, going to show priceless tips and recommendations to make your trading at least as good as mine.