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Reversal similarities

Last week I made lot of profit (but also loss) trades. When daytrading, the frequency of trades is much higher than position trading. I don’t want to analyze all the trades every single week. My intention is to select the most interesting ones and give you some unusual point of view. You already know, that […]

Trade of the week

  Another weekly post topic is the trade of the week. I will share one or two trades I made last week, which I consider are some way interesting. I won’t post every single trade I made, some of them are not relevant and are based on my own oppinion. For the purpose of this […]

This weeks trading


My last trading week was quite loaded with a large number of Economic News. And also Trades on my account. There were plenty of Economic news through the whole week. It started in Monday with RBA Meeting Minutes, continued with German ZEW Economic Sentiment, Interest Rate Decisions and also one of the most important, the […]

What is my trading about


    So what is my trading about? Currently, my business hours are only 2 or 3 hours a day. My session usually starts in the morning at 9am and ends before lunchtime. Pretty fine workday, isn’t it? The main objectives of my trading business are following: Keep it as simple as possible. Use several […]

My story

Hello traders!     Let me introduce myself. My name is Peter Hardman and I am an individual, full time Forex trader. My experience with Forex trading reach almost 7 years. I went through a lot of troubles in my trading career. But also a lot of good moments, especially last two years. Because of […]