Welcome to HardmanTrading.com

My name is Peter Hardman and through this blog I will present my trades and ideas, including advices, tips and tricks for you!  As an individual daytrader, I am focused on Forex & CFD markets.

Since 2015, I am making living as Full-time trader. That is the main reasons, why I decided to start writing this blog. To give you some important advices about full-time trading. Another purposes of my blog are following:

  1. I want to show you, what is real trading about. Thus I will share my journey and tell the truth about trading.

  2. I want to connect with another traders and discuss topics, related to trading and investing.

  3. This blog serves as an diary for me. Every post is a mirror of my acitivy, decisions, trades, profits and losses.

This blog is my personal project, where I share my whole journey, for free, with any bad intention. If you want to support, then follow my fan-page on Facebook and Twitter, and also feel free to discuss in comments.